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Human Resources

Sunis Hotels assess the fast changing structure and dynamics of the tourism sector in the best possible manner to apply the human resources policy that is the most compatible with the prevailing conditions and while supporting the personal development of its employees, it takes constructive and effective steps in every aspect as it seeks to achieve customer satisfaction. 
Human Resources policy of Sunis Hotels is based on honesty, open communication, respect, commitment, excellency, team work, innovativeness, creativity, skill development and personal development.

Sunis Hotels Distinction

Continuous Development: Employee training that starts with orientation continues with personalized training provided on different subjects. This helps make important contributions to the personal development and careers of the employees.

Team and Intra-company Communication: Periodic and regular information exchange is ensured between the employees and their supervisors. The information regarding sector based and intra company developments is provided in a timely manner to establish strong communications at each and every stage.

Motivation: Intra-company sharing is increased to create the feeling of belonging among employees. The satisfaction the employees derive from their work environment sets the basis for the satisfaction of our guests.
Continuously raised quality objective: It is ensured that the continuously improved service quality is a fundamental objective for each and every employee of the enterprise. This objective is adopted as a part of company culture and the selection of the employees handled diligently in accordance with this principle.

Priorities considered in Human Resources Policy

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